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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! 

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Our names are Josh and Mikel and we are the dynamic duo behind Stoned Soul Jewelry. In our spare time, you can find us out on the choppers, cruizin’ in our ’77 van, or spending time with our dogs- Molly and Iggy Pup. We are husband and wife, friends, and partners. Blessed in many ways and eternally grateful. We love spending time outdoors and traveling, and live music. We enjoy art, vintage, jewelry, the southwest, gemstones, and creating- so the path to silversmithing was quite organic. Our pieces showcase natural, quality, stones with their own unique energies. If you are drawn to one, chances are it is drawn to you too. We hope you enjoy our pieces and are excited to learn, and grow, with you!

A little on the business side- Stoned Soul is currently a passion that we play with outside of our full time jobs and life living. We truly have a connection with each piece. Lots of love, and care, goes into them. From choosing the right stone to the last bit of hand polishing, they really have their own personalities. We love watching them match up with their destined owners. That being said, if there is something you like that you missed out on (maybe sold or you need a different size), feel free to email us at (or direct message on Instagram @stonedsouljewelry) and we will work with you on a price and timeline. Some pieces may have the same look, or style, but no two will ever be exactly the same. Everything is handmade, with personality and character. Each has its own coloring, markings, charm, and energy to give you a one of a kind addition to your collection.
Thanks so much for looking! We appreciate you!
Much love, 

Josh & Mikel  

Stoned Soul Jewelry

Handmade in Lake Havasu City, AZ

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